Cetri Skills

Certiskills.fr is a dynamic online platform offering a diverse range of courses powered by WordPress and Tutor LMS. Designed to cater to learners of all backgrounds and levels of expertise, the website provides access to high-quality educational content across various subjects. With its intuitive interface and interactive features, Certiskills.fr aims to make learning accessible, engaging, and rewarding for users in France and beyond.

About This Project

Development Process Timeline:

Day 1-4: Initial Consultation and Planning:

  • The development team at Pixels Digital collaborates closely with the Certiskills team to understand their objectives, target audience, and course offerings.
  • Detailed discussions are held to outline the requirements, scope, and desired functionalities of the website.

Day 5-10: WordPress Setup, Theme Customization, and Tutor LMS Integration:

  • Pixels Digital sets up the WordPress framework, selects a responsive theme that aligns with Certiskills’ branding and design preferences, and customizes the theme for consistency.
  • Tutor LMS is seamlessly integrated into the website, configured to accommodate Certiskills’ course structure and requirements.

Day 11-15: Content Development, Upload, Design Optimization, and User Experience Enhancement:

  • Working closely with subject matter experts, Pixels Digital assists in the development of engaging course content and facilitates its uploading and organization onto the platform.
  • The website layout is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, with user experience enhancements implemented to improve navigation and engagement.

Day 16-20: Testing, Quality Assurance, and Finalization:

  • Rigorous testing is conducted to identify and rectify any bugs or issues, ensuring compatibility across different browsers and devices for a seamless learning experience.
  • Final adjustments are made based on feedback from the Certiskills team, with comprehensive quality assurance measures in place.

Day 21: Launch and Deployment:

  • Upon final approval from the Certiskills team, Pixels Digital launches the website to the public, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Comprehensive training and support are provided to enable the client’s team to manage and maintain the platform effectively post-launch.


  • Pixels Digital continues to provide ongoing support and maintenance services to Certiskills.fr, addressing any updates, enhancements, or technical issues promptly to ensure the platform’s functionality and performance are upheld